Bitcoin Charts

Watch Bitcoin markets in this interactive charting platform – presenting Bitcoin Charts.

Bitcoin Charts are fully interactive. Change the timelines, change the sizes of vertical and horizontal axes, add indicators, change symbols, draw trend lines. Some guidelines below the chart

The default chart is BTCUSD Daily with  MACD momentum indicator in the the lower panel.

Working the chart is simple

  • Slide the axes to show more or less data – e.g., grab the date axis and move to the right – will show more days. Grab the vertical axis and slide up or down to show more data.
  • Change the size of the panels – place mouse on line dividing the panels, click and drag up or down (not on Internet Explorer). Double clicking a panel focuses in on that panel
  • Change the duration – default is daily = each bar is one day. On top left corner, choose 1 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour or whatever you like by pressing the down arrow to the right of this list
  • Add indicators and studies to the chart by pressing the chart symbol in the top row and selecting your favourite indicator
  • Choose a drawing tool from the left hand column and draw lines and boxes and patterns.
  • Change the symbol – either from the watchlist on the right or in the symbol box on the top of the chart.
  • If you would like to use the charting package on your browser select “More features on” at the bottom of the chart or go to – this is one amazing charting package