Bitcoin is an exciting development which has been around since 2009 and is now growing dramatically.

We are excited by Bitcoin because it provides a way to transact across borders seamlessly, fast and at low cost. It allows for transactions at both small and large value for the same cost. As such we are going to see a raft of businesses merging to facilitate transacting – in the same way the check and credit card did in the last century. More than that, Bitcoin provides an avenue for investment which is somewhat uncorrelated from major markets. In 2015, Bitcoin price improved more than 100% whereas the major markets went sideways (US) or eked out small gains (Europe). is a part of which is being built from the ground up to help you to succeed in living your dreams – to breathe your dreams. We will over time share ways to grow Passive Residual Income streams across the Internet, to participate actively in healthy lifestyles and to take care of those you love.

Ten percent of the profits from all the Breathe Your Dreams businesses will be donated to charities that help the less fortunate to live and breathe their dreams. The charities will be chosen to help children in Africa (the cradle of mankind) and to help fund cancer research.