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3 Ways to Bitcoin Profits

3 Ways to Bitcoin Profits

In this video I work through the ways to earn Bitcoin Profits.

  1. Buy Bitcoin and hold them. Prices have moved up strongly in the last 18 months. At the end of 2014, price was $264. On April 24 it was $452.
  2. Earn Bitcoin.  A bunch of ideas here – ask your boss to pay some or all of your salary in Bitcoin;  OR sell your services or run your online business for Bitcoin; OR find a Bitcoin faucet; OR follow a Bitcoin investment scheme (like [Note: in the video, I highlight the risk of investing in unregulated (high yield) schemes. Amazing5 was a classic example of a HYIP – it failed within a few days of making the video].
  3. Mine Bitcoin.  This is the guts of the video and I explore 3 ways to think about mining.

3 ideas for mining Bitcoin

  1. Mine Bitcoin – really has to be done through a mining pool.
  2. Mine alternate coins and sell them for Bitcoin. You can do this on your own or through a mining pool. I use a mining pool. The skill is in finding the right coin to mine and to sell them whenever you can
  3. Mine a coin that one is convinced will win and grow with it. My preferred candidate is Ethereum – I believe that the smart contracts side of Ethereum could change many ways things are done.

If you would like to pursue any of these ideas further the links are below:

Mine Bitcoin at BitClubNetwork – note: this closed for USA resident on April 30, 2016
Mine alternate coins at Genesis-Mining 3% discount code 3tV9om
Mine Ethereum at Skill Dragon – note: Founders pool closed on April 30, 2016
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Copy of the slides with links


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