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10 Things You Need to Know About Bitcoin

10 Things to Know About Bitcoin

This video covers the basics of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining

  1. What is Bitcoin?
  2. Who created Bitcoin?
  3. Where do you keep Bitcoin?
  4. How do you use Bitcoin?
  5. How do you get Bitcoin?
  6. What is Bitcoin Mining?
  7. How do Bitcoin Mining Pools work?
  8. What Hardware is needed for Bitcoin Mining?
  9. Where do you buy ASIC miners?
  10. Should you Invest in Bitcoin?

You can get Bitcoin by selling stuff for Bitcoin, or buying them on an exchange or mining for them. Mining has now become too expensive for solo mining. If you want to mine using your own equipment you need to get the best equipment (ASIC miners) and join a mining pool.

Bitclub Network offers another path for Bitcoin Mining.

  • Leave all the hardware and software stuff to experts.
  • Focus on building a network of people who want to fund a mining network
  • Get paid for the mining results and for the people who pay to join the marketing network.
  • ….. all paid in Bitcoin.

My mining pool is currently returning a 10% annual mining return. So for $599 investment I will have received $672 worht of Bitcoin after 1,000 days (assumes that mining continues at the same rate and Bitcoin price does not drop below my entry price of $319.28 per Bitcoin)

Click here to for more information about BitClub Network

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